Follow Us On Twitter And Win Outerwear

Bond and Transworld Snowboarding present Ones and Zeros

Nate Cousins from Canada already won the first contest. Now’s you chance to win an outerwear kit from Bond. Follow Bond and TransWorld on Twitter for a chance to win a complete outerwear setup before Bond’s debut season of outerwear hits stores this fall. We’ll be sending out a question every Wednesday for
you to answer and, you guessed it, the best answer/story wins. Those who are the masters of the binary code, or at least those that can make their phone follow a Twitter feed, can finally make all of those
wasted data minutes of nerdery pay off. Keep it to 140 characters, and we’ll be sure to keep an eye over our shoulder for you….

Follow Bond Outerwear here:

And follow TransWorld Snowboarding here:

Keep your eye on the Twitter feeds later today, and every Wednesday in July for your chance to win.