Fisher and Teter Win Triple Crown Pipe

Breckenridge’s Steven Fisher and Hannah Teter took the top spots in Sunday’s halfpipe final. Following Fisher were Danny Kass in second and Luke Wynen in third. Kelly Clark and Anne Molin Kongsgaard rounded out the women’s podium.

The judges had it easy during the men’s pipe final: Steven (with a “v”) Fisher put together a run no one could touch. A hero frontside air, backside five, fs nine, backside air, and corked fs seven on his first run made up the highest score of a gray Colorado morning. On his second run, Fisher turned the nine into a ten, but didn’t manage the cleanliness of his first go in the best-of-two-runs format.

Gnu’s Danny Kass rode to second spot with trademark style, holding grabs all the way through and making the unthinkable look easy. Luke Wynen (riding for Unity Snowboards) backed up his win at last year’s event by finishing third with drifty corked spins and mad, mechanic steez.

Other notables included Andy Finch, who’s back from shoulder surgery and riding with the smoothness; Joe Eddy put on a show and will finish higher when he works out kinks in his halfpipe stance/setup; Mason Aguirre (sixteen) nailed his first ten in competition; and Elijah Teter broke out the Cab 180 McTwist.

Youth will inherit the Earth, and the halfpipe. Seventeen year old Hannah Teter (Burton) added another notch to her studded-leather belt with her first Triple Crown win. After a series of girls decked out and bounced, Hannah put down a grabbed fs five and a nine to lock up a five-point lead over …

Kelly Clark is easing into form; after breaking from the halfpipe scene last year, she’s back at it, riding with skill and strength. Solid runs, grabbed spins, style and power marked her two runs and landed her in second place.

Gretchen Bleiler blew her ACL after overshooting a park jump on her way to the pipe. Surgery before the holidays should have her back in action by summer. There may not be many riding shots of Gretchen this season, but at least we’ve got a closet full of FHMs. Did I say that out loud?

The second stop of the Vans Triple Crown is at Mammoth Mountain, January 29-February 1, 2004. You should go.


Men’s Halfpipe

1. Steven Fisher 92.5

2. Danny Kass 90.5

3. Luke Wynen 88.2

4. Tommy Czeschin 86.2

5. Elijah Teter 83.6

6. Andy Finch 83.3

7. Ross Powers 83

8. Joe Eddy 79.3

9. Mason Aguirre 77.6

10. Kurt Wastell 77.2

Women’s Halfpipe

1. Hannah Teter 94

2. Kelly Clark 89.2

3. Anne Molin Kongsgaard 85.3

4. Fabienne Reuteler 79.7

5. Junko Asazuma 73.7

6. Tricia Byrnes 71.2

7. Lindsey Jacobellis 70.8

8. Barrett Christy 70

9. Silli Mittermüller 64.7

10. Alisa Mokler 59.3