Fisher And Clark Take Pipe At Final Vans Triple Crown

Northstar at Tahoe, CA (March 7, 2004)

Although it was the last of three Vans Triple Crown stops, this competition gave off a vibe which was hardly that of a “competition”. Vans had a BBQ going all week as the top riders in the world interacted with fans. And while girls showed up in bikinis with surfboards, Steven Fisher and Kelly Clark each added one more win to their ever-growing list.

Sun-filled skies greeted the crowd and riders once again at Northstar for the men’s and women’s superpipe finals. Twenty top female riders were first to take center stage, vying for the 8,000 dollar first-place prize.

Kelly Clark and Hannah Teter represented their home state of Vermont by finishing in the top two. Despite a cracked vertebrae, Hannah Teter fought through the pain and landed a couple 900s, giving her a best score of 89.0. It wasn’t enough to overcome Clark’s over-the-head, smooth backside and frontside spins. Placing in third just behind Teter was Kjersti Buaas from Norway, who scored an 86.3 on her second run.

The men were next to enter the spotlight and they did so in typical fashion. Each run left the crowd in astonishment, but it was Minnesota native Steven Fisher who took home the win. Fisher, who also won at Breckenridge, continued his winning ways with a run that contained huge backside 540s, a 900, and back-to-back 720s. Luke Wynen left with an 8,000-dollar second-place prize and an invitation to the Arctic Challenge in Norway, hosted by Terje Haakonsen. Mason Aguirre brought his share of switch spins and stylish 900s to the table, earning him a third place finish.

Quick Notes

-Danny Kass not only left Northstar with third place in slopestyle, but the keys to a new Ford truck and a TTR wildcard for the Arctic Challenge. Danny won the truck by finishing first in total points from all three VTC stops.

-Luke Wynen finished second overall and Andy Finch from Fresno, CA rounded out the third spot.

-Luke Wynen, Steve Fisher, and George Oakley will all be joining Kass and Andreas Wiig at the Arctic Challenge.

-Tricia Byrnes rode a complete switch run in the pipe, incorporating a couple of 540s.

-Ross Powers amazed even the announcer as he pulled back-to-back 1080s in pipe practice but was unable to maintain the consistency. Powers finished in ninth.