I woke up Saturday morning in a stupor, my head hurt, I had no board or bindings, and the only snow-pants I brought were some insulated bibs. But after a short trip to Billy Andersen’s house, things were looking up, Troy Eckert was there and had some bindings I could borrow, Billy had a board for me, and the fridge held the only friends who could help with my pounding head. The bindings were missing pieces and would require some assembly. Out in the car Todd Richards, Lindsy Lozano, and Shem Roose waited patiently as I searched Billy’s closets for hardware. Quick like a bunny I raced back to the car, and we were off on our way to get our shred on.

The Mammoth parking lot was beyond packed. We stopped in the loading and unloading zone, got our tickets, then formulated a plan to park at the Ciszek’s (Billy’s girlfriend Lee’s) house. Everyone was hungry so we decided to eat at Base Camp before shredding (which was great for me seeing how I forgot the board Billy gave me to use at his house.) Shem, being the pal that he is, started putting my binders together for me as Billy and I finished eat breakfast and doing a little reminiscing on the previous night’s escapades with Brian Iguchi and Mike “Spanks” Dillaughy. (Fights were all the rage as was Brian’s lake of recollection.)

We finally made it to Lee’s around 11:00 A.M., meet her parent’s who invited us over for dinner that evening, and then made the traverse to the park and pipes shortly there after. The slopes were packed, but despite the crowed and the occasional cut-off/kid in the way problems the park was a blast. It only took three runs through the park to figure out how out of shape I was, a situation I vowed to change after a few midday mellow ones.

By Sunday morning the crowds at Mammoth had thinned out, but the cut-off/kid in the way problems still existed. I rode for most of the morning in the park with Jimmie Halpof and Kevin Jones, occasionally filming them against their wishes. I later joined local rippers and Mammoth Team members, Curtis Ciszek and Eric Jackson. Riding with those two kids was simply a blast, and they let me practice my follow-cam techniques with out an objection. I finished my second day of riding trying to follow cam Todd and Billy.

On the car ride from back from Mammoth to Oceanside, my legs were tired, my back was sore, my knees were hurting, and my ego was bruised. I love snowboarding.

Billy Andersen 252K

Curtis Ciszek 95K

Todd Richards 126K

Jeff Anderson 378K

Eric Jackson 95K

Jimmy Halopoff 158K

Jimmy Halopoff 126K

Kevin Jones 95K

Todd Richards 95K