Favorite Things Nicola Thost 16.1

Favorite Things

Name: Nicola Thost
Age: 24
Home: Munich, Germany.

1. Place to ride?
Zugspitze, Germany, about 45 minutes from Munich.
2. Movie?
All of Al Pacino’s movies-he’s an impressive actor.
3. Trick?
Making the best of it and enjoying life.
4. Food?
Sushi and strawberries.
5. Rider of all time?
6. Performer?
7. People to ride with?
My family.
8. Skateboarder?
Tony Hawk.
9. Form of transportation?
Driving my Volkswagen Golf IV.
10. Book?
The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery.
11. Dude?
12. Place to chill?
The English Garden in Munich during summertime.
13. Up-and-coming kid?
My eight-year-old nephew.
14. Excuse?
“I couldn’t get off the phone.”
15. Photographer?
Hansi “Hulk” Herbig.
16. Non-snowboard brand?
17. Travel destination?
Wherever my boyfriends are.
18. Team?
My friends at home.
19. Form of training?
Go ride!
20. Game?
The game of life.