Favorite Things Maximilian John Jenke 16.2

Favorite Things

Name: Maximilian John Jenke
Age: 23
Home: Vancouver, British Columbia

1. Place to ride?
Whistler backcountry, for sure-it’s nature’s playground.2. Movie?
Top Gun, you can’t beat a classic like that.3. Trick?
Backside 180.4. Cartoon characters?
Pinky and The Brain.5. Rider of all time?
Gabe Crane. He had it all-the best style, the best video part, and the best sponsors.6. Music?
Right now Ja Rule, ’cause he weasels his way onto all the jiggy tracks. 7. People to ride with?
The Fun Boys and any of the ‘Cats.8. Skateboarder?
Clyde Singleton.9. Forms of transportation?
Audi A4, Summit 700 snowmobile, and a Specialized Rock Hopper I ride to physio and school when the weather’s nice.10. Book?
The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.11. Favorite venture?
Running Endeavor Snowboards with my partners Chris Martin, Rob Dow, and Randy Ross.12. Place to chill?
Man Camp, a.k.a. Dude Ranch … too many stories from this winter.13. Up-and-coming kid?
A kid from Rhode Island named Marcus Rand who is fourteen and sicker than everyone.14. Excuse?
“I’m cranky.” I use it mostly to get out of trouble with the lady.15. Photographers/filmers?
My boys Serfas, Kettela, and Dow.16. Canadian?
Mike Myers. Enough said.17. Travel destination?
I love Europe, specifically the south of France and the Italian coast.18. Team?
The Endeavor team, for sure.19. Form of training?
The gym, but it seems the only time I get in shape is when I’m recovering from an injury. 20. Game?
I play games on the Internet, like Pimp Wars.