Favorite Things Mark Roger Reilly 16.2

Favorite Things

Name: Mark Roger Reilly
Age: 22
Home: New Jersey and Mammoth.

Place to ride?
In three feet of fresh with my friends.Movie?
Detroit Rock City-those kids are just punks.Trick?
Backside 180 melons feel cool.Food?
Super-spicy curry.Rider of all time?
Todd Richards.Band?
Metallica.People to ride with?
Brian Regis, Eric Shaw, The House, Matt Downey, Steve Brown, and the Grenade crew.Skateboarder?
Rick McCrank.Form of transportation?
’95 Toyota Tacoma, black.Magazine?
Playboy, for the articles.Memories?
Riding Vernon Valley and destroying things. We got away with everything there.Place to chill?
At home with my girl Kim and friends.Up and coming kid?
Eric Jackson.Excuse?
“The rock flew over my head, too.”Filmers?
Nick Alagretta and Jarred Slater.Person to abuse?
My buddy Weiser.Travel destination?
New York City.Person from New Jersey?
Danbo.Form of training?
Twenty-four ounce curls.Game?