Favorite Things Louie 16.1

Favorite ThingsName: LouieAge: 6Home: Nor Cal1. Movie?Planet of the Apes.2. Trick?The old “banana in the tail-pipe.”3. Drink?
Brass Monkey.4. Web site?
www.BananaGeorge.com5. Place to chill?
The monkey bars.6. Song?
“Welcome To The Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses.7. Board company?
Crazy Banana.8. Book?
Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs.9. Pastime?
Spanking the monkey.10. Hip-hop group?
The Jungle Brothers.11. Non-snowboard brand?
Banana Republic.12. Band?
Bananarama.13. TV show?
The Monkees.14. Skateboard company?
Zoo York.15. Theory?
Evolution.16. Excuse?
“Monkey see, monkey do.”17. Type of swimwear?
Banana hammock.18. Female?
The zookeeper’s daughter.19. Form of training?
Working out at the jungle gym.20. Game?
Donkey Kong.