Favorite Things Kale Richard Stevens 16.1

Favorite Things

Name: Kale Richard StevensAge: 24Home: Whistler, B.C.

1. Place to ride?
Thousand Lakes, B.C.
2. Movie?
3. Trick?
Tricking girls.
4. Food?
Mexican-Pele’s in Carlsbad, California.
5. Rider of all time?
Nate Cole.
6. Rapper?
Big L.
7. Person to ride with?
Peter Strà®m.
8. Snowmobiler?
B.J. Murray.
9. Magazine?
High Times.
10. Form of transportation?
My sled-Polaris RMK 800.
11. Pastime?
Skating the new Kirkstone park in north Vancouver.
12. Place to chill?
In the backcountry.
13. Non-snowboard brand?
DVS shoes.
14. Excuse?
“It wasn’t me.”
15. Old snowboard video?
16. Canadian?
Pamela Anderson.
17. Travel destination?
18. Filmer?
Evan Feen, even though he’s not really filming now.
19. Vegetable?
There’re so many. Yams?
20. Female?
My girl Shiho.