Favorite Things Josh Dirksen 16.2

Favorite ThingsName: Josh Dirksen
Age: 25
Home: Bend, Oregon.
1. Place to ride?
Mount Bachelor.2. Movie?
Critical Condition.2. Trick?
Rocket air backflip.2. Food?
A salmon burger from Deschutes Brewery.2. Rider of all time?
Chad Cooksey.2. Music group?
Tool.2. Person to ride with?
Egge and McAlister.2. Skateboarder?
John Cardiel.9. Form of transportation?
My Toyota Tundra.10. Book?
Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams.11. Pastime?
Trying to figure out why my computer’s not working.2. Place to chill?
Costa Rica.2. Oregon story?
Oktoberfest ’01 in Bend with McAlister and Egge-I don’t remember the details.2. Excuse?
“I can’t remember.”2. Sport?
Cliff-jumping into the water at Devil’s Punchbowl-80-footer to knee surgery.16. Non-snowboard brand?
Tapat °o hot sauce.17. Travel destination?
Prague, Czech Republic.18. Filmer?
Whitey-he’s the most entertaining.19. Skatepark?
Newberg, Oregon.20. Female?