Favorite Things J2 16.2

Favorite ThingsName: J2
Age: Old
Home: Salt Lake City in the winter, New York in the summer.
Place to ride?
Alaska or a couple spots downtown.Sport?
Bedroom bullying.Trick?
“Loc-Dog don’t need no trick-ass b-tches.”Food?
Just like Whitey’s T-shirts say, “Kingpin Productions-We make movies and eat tacos.”Rider of all time?
Stevie Alters.Fallen rapper?
Biggie.Person to ride with?
Anyone having more fun than me.Boardercrosser?
I didn’t know there was one-I mean, Palmer. Please don’t give me a South Shore birthday.Magazine?
The New Yorker.Form of transportation?
Dune buggy.Up-and-comers?
Li’l Steezalino and Mini-Mahaffey.Gentleman’s club?
All the ones in Portland, Oregon.Pre-shred ritual?
“I’m sore.” Old snowboard video?
Gleaming The Cube, oops, wrong sport.Cartoon character?
Homer Simpson.Travel destination?
Pillow piles.Photographer?
My grandfather, Eugene Smith.Vegetable?
Prime rib served bloody.Skateboarder?
Dave Carnie.