Favorite Things Heikki Matias Sorsa 16.2

Favorite ThingsName: Heikki Matias Sorsa
Age: 20
Home: Helsinki, Finland.
1. Place to ride?
Talma, Finland.2. Movie?
Star Wars.3. Trick?
Backside 540.4. Food?
McDonald’s.5. Rider of all time?
Terje Haakonsen.6. Band?
Social Distortion.7. People to ride with?
Markku Koski.8. Skateboarder?
Arto Saari.9. Form of transportation?
BMW X5.10. Book?
The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery.11. Pastime?
Skateboarding and hanging with my friends.12. Place to chill?
At my parents’ summer cottage in Joensuu, Finland.13. Up-and-coming kid?
Iikka B ckstrà®m.14. Excuse?
I don’t like excuses.15. Photographer?
Jeff Curtes.16. Favorite thing about the U.S.?
Taco Bell.17. Travel destination?
Home to Finland.18. Team?
Trà…lli Clan.19. Form of training?
No training.20. Game?