Favorite Things Anne Molin Kongsgaard 16.2

Favorite ThingsName: Anne Molin Kongsgaard
Age: 24
Home: Kongsberg, Norway.
1. Place to ride?
My home mountain in Kongsberg.2. Movie?
FlÌklypa, Norwegian animation.3. Trick?
Backside 180.4. Food?
Sushi.5. Rider of all time?
Haakonsen.6. Music group?
Metallica.7. Person to ride with?
Kjersti Buass.8. Competition?
Arctic Challenge 2000.9. Form of transportation?
Longboard.10. Author?
Ingvar Amborjnsen.11. City for shopping?
New York or Tokyo.12. Place to chill?
So Cal.13. Up-and-coming kid?
Shaun White.14. Excuse?
“Sorry, I forgot.”15. Photographer?
Kevin Zacher.16. Designer label?
Kookai.17. Travel destination?
Hawai’i.18. Team?
Go Toros!19. Form of training?
Roller skating.20. Game?