Fan Out With Anon

Alright kids, it’s time to fan out for some goodies. The first two to correctly respond to the following  questions will be seeing summer in a new pair of Anon shades. Leave your answers on the comment board and we’ll scoop through them.

Who’s the most recent addition to the Anon snow team?

What was this rider’s trick list (in order) in their video part from last season?

Jeff and Horrorscope nailed it. It’s Jake Welch. He got a little banged up last season, but still threw down this set in Forum Or Against 'Em:

-Frontside 270 to front board to edge slam
-50-50 fronstide 180 out
-Backside boardslide to fakie
-Wall ride to alley oop backside 180 out
-Wall ride to alley oop backside 360 tail out
-Fronstide layback to fakie
-Fronstside 180
-Backside 180 to switch nose, halfcab out
-backside 180 to switch nose.