In last years Buyer’s Guide we featured Endeavor as one of four new snowboard companies (including Galleon, Rome and Andromeda) in a column called Upstarts. We asked the following question: “Of these first year brands which will still be standing in the next year, and which will only have an under-construction Web site to mark their passing.” Well Endeavor’s not only standing, they’re marching full speed ahead.

We stopped in at Endeavor headquarters, a high-ceiling studio in a trendy Vancouver, BC district that they share with photographer Scott Serfas, to see where the magic happens. Max Jenke and Sales Manager Chris Martin sat down and told us how it is. In the last year they’ve switched factories, rewritten the business plan, tripled their sales, and increased their veins of distribution across North America, Japan, Korea, Australia, Europe, basically Max says casually, “We’re all over the world.” He attributes their success to sticking with the slow growth business plan that he and his partners Chris Martin, Randy Ross, Paavo Tikkanen, Rob Dow and Scott Serfas penned back in ’01.

The company has been through rough times in the last year. Max told stories of shuttling wood cores in the back of their cars from Seattle to the ex-factory in Portland for three days straight-he mumbled something about red eyes and Red Bulls. Manufacturing has since been relocated to a Quebec factory. Max is stoked, everything is “right on target” he says. Future plans are to expand distribution to the U.S. market and have more of a presence by recruiting a few U.S. team riders in due time. As for the under-construction Web site call out, check for the new 03/04 website filled with urban design, current team news, and all the new products.

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