Greetings everyone,

It’s been far to long since we’ve spoken, and I apologize. But hey, winter gets kind of crazy around here. But nothing lasts forever and as winter fades away, the magazine gets a churning—and we get to dry out our boots and eat burritos again.

We had our planning meeting for the September issue a few days ago at the old indoor go-kart track, K1 Speed. Our fearless leader Kurt Hoy qualified first and finished first, it must have been his pants tucked into his socks that did it. A heavily bearded Cody Dresser took second and I moped back to work—a shameful third place medal in.

Other than that, Annie Fast recently returned from a style photo shoot in Salt Lake with a bunch of snowboarders, which at times can prove more difficult than herding cats. Our senior photographers have been pouring in and showing off more snowboard pornography than you can shake a stick at. And I have actually spent a weekend at my apartment and signed up for the gym—I’m not a jock, it’s bikini season.

A lot of time has been spent on the road over the past few months in our precious Suzuki Grand Viagra, ahem, Vitara, lovingly dubbed “The Turtle trying to keep you, and us in the mix. Our main focus here on the interweb has been up to date video content. We’ve been really psyched on it and hopefully you’ve been able to check out some of the clips. And once summer really kicks off, we’ll have two videos a week coming out of High Cascade.

On The Homepage Right Now:

The Old Fart Reunion
This tale is late. It’s aged a bit, like fine wine or the washed up shreds turned industry heads this piece revolves around.

High Cascade Micro-Movie Contest
Take all of the ingredients for a full feature snowboard film, and condense them to under four minutes. The winning entrant gets a free trip to HCSC’s Video Workshop

Know Your Roxy Girls
Alright ladies, here’s your chance to update that sorry stick with a brand board and bindings from Roxy Snow.

Trick Tip Video: Fence Ollies
2006 Rider Of The Year, Chad Otterstrom walks you through one of the most fun tricks out there—the fence ollie. It’s not all about 1080s and Chad’s gap, kids, just have fun with it.

In other internet news, we are working on a new website. We should have it up and running by the time our September issue hits shelves in August—more on that to come.

We also recently initiated Tuning Tuesdays—we shot a bunch of tuning tips with Swix expert Franklin Crowe a while back and have finally been able to get them edited down into digestible portions, of which we will be rationing you one a week. Until next time, thanks for the support, and keep keeping it real.


The Old Fart Reunion

High Cascade Micro-Movie Contest

Know Your Roxy Girls

Trick Tip: Fence Ollies