Palmer riders swept the final stop of the Chevrolet U.S. Snowboard Grand Prix under the lights at Mountain Creek, New Jersey on Saturday night. Elijah Teter put it all together to best Shaun White and third-place Keir Dillon. Lindsey Jacobellis and her frontside 900 took top honors in the women’s field. Lindsey was followed by Kelly Clark in second and Japanese rider Junko Asazuma in third. Click here for photos and go to “videos” to see the men’s winning runs.

Mountain Creek Snowboard Halfpipe Men
1. Elijah Teter
2. Shaun White
3. Keir Dillon
4. Michael Goldschmidt
5. Steven Fisher
6. Tommy Czeschin
7. Abram Teter
8. Louie Vito
9. Tyler Emond
10. Ross Powers
11. Luke Wynen
12. Kevin Pearce
13. Joe Eddy
14. Wyatt Caldwell
15. Luke Mitrani
16. Shayne Popsil

Mountain Creek Snowboard Halfpipe Women
1. Lindsey Jacobellis
2. Kelly Clark
3. Junko Asazuma
4. Hannah Teter
5. Tricia Byrnes
6. Elena Hight
7. Karen Gembarowski
8. Clair Bidez