Eero Niemela 1-10

One electronic you bought recently:

1. RC airplane from Toys R Us. It’s so wicked.

Two things to do when not snowboarding:

1. Surf.
2. Golf.

Three places you want to visit this summer:

1. Finland. To see my family and friends back home.
2. Montreal. For a movie premier, they just have wicked parties there.
3. Kanmore, Alberta, Canada. To go hang out with my friends.

Four girls you want to ask on a date:

1. Jessica Alba.
2. Cristina Millian.
3. Hillary Clinton.
4. Pamela Anderson.

Five places you like to snowboard:

1. Talma. The best early season place to get back on your snowboard.
2. Whistler backcountry. Where we usually do most of our filming.
3. Whistler Blackcomb. Just little hits on side of the runs.
4. Mammoth. The park is always so good and fun.
5. Seymour. Just an awesome place to snowboard.

Six movies you like to watch:

1. The Gradient.
2. Grandma’s Boy.
3. Wedding Crashers.
4. Beer Fest.
5. Baywatch Hawaii.
6. Dumb and Dumber.

Seven people you like to snowboard with:

1. Mickey Rencz.
2. Iikka Backstrom.
3. Lauri Heiskari.
4. Devun Walsh.
5. Shin Campos.
6. Paavo Tikkanen.
7. Johnny Lyall.

Eight pieces of equipment you take into the backcountry:

1. Avi peeps.
2. Shovel.
3. Probe.
4. Sun block.
5. Lunch, which usually isn’t that great.
6. iPod and speakers for some wicket tunes.
7. Extra gloves and goggles.
8. Two way radio.

Nine best days of your life:

1. I guess when I was born.
2. When I got TransWorld SNOWboarding rookie of the year.
3. Every time I go back to Finland to see my family.
4. When I heard of my TransWorld cover shot.
5. Well shit. Every day is best day of my life!

Ten things you want to do before you are 50 years old:

1. Get married.
2. Have kids.
3. Have beach house.
4. Go fishing with Jessica Alba.
5. Get few barrels.
6. Eat ten burritos in row.
7. Swim with dolphins.
8. Build a house which looks like bagel.
9. Have two dogs.
10. Have a butler.