Sixteen riders competed in the event, including Eero Ettala, Daniel Franck, Mathieu Cregpel, Stefan Gimpl, JP Solberg, DCP, Marc Andre Tarte, Steve Fischer, Marius Otterstad, Akifumi Hiraoka, Nikolas Muller, and Roger Hjelmstadstuen.

A crowd of 25,000 showed up to see the action firsthand, despite 30cm of fresh snow and high wind conditions.

Nitro’s Eero Ettala made it past the qualifying rounds. In the semi finals he was matched up against Nicolas Muller. Nicolas pulled a switch backside 7, but Eero countered by landing a Switch Double Backflip. Amazing. With stuff like that going down, the whole crowd and even other riders were applauding.

The Super Finals came down to Eero vs. Mathieu Crepel. Matheiu knew he was going to have to come up with something good, and did with a switch backside 1080. Eero was out to prove something though, and again pulled another switch double backflip. The performance throughout the night was great by all the riders, but Eero was holding a check for 25,000USD at the end of the night.

Final Top three were:

1. Eero Ettala
2. Mathieu Crepel
3. Roger Hjelmstadstuen