Even though Brazil commonly attracts beach bums and bikinis, a substantial alteration to the golden coastline, namely tons of snow and immense scaffolding, sprinkled with snowboarders and kickers, created what most would see as being Christmas come early, or snow in the tropics! Bringing TTR Pro Snowboarding to Brazil was a great way to begin the Southern hemisphere tour and, with Centro de Lazer, Tarunda, close to San Paulo in Brazil playing host to the first Southern Hemisphere event of the 2005 TTR Professional Freestyle Snowboard Tour, the event turned to be not only a land mark on the tour calendar, but also a festive occasion of top level snowboard action.

The Speedy Experience Big Air 2005 by Telefonica, aka: “The Brazil Big Air”, was held July 29-30 in Tarunda. World class riders including Eero Ettala, Marius Otterstaad, Ruedi and Chris Kroell, Stefan Gimpl, Sani Alibabic and Quentin Robbins flew in to compete against the finest South American qualifiers including Digiacomo Dias, Facundo Vial Sotomayor and Manuel Diaz.

Between the 10,000 Euro in prize money, the prestigious ‘Brazil Big Air’ event title and a ‘Ticket to Ride’ at a ‘TTR World Snowboard Tour’ event, namely the ‘ Nescafe Open Champs 2006 Leysin’ (February 2-5, 2006), the show was electric, the performances were outstanding and the parties were explosive.

Tag Team Event

Prior to the main event kicking off on Saturday, a friendly Tag team competition was held on Friday to coincide with training and the first of the after show programs which included a surprise act by Igor Cavalera (brother of Max Cavalera and co-founder of Sepultura). The “TAG – TEAM Competition” was a straight-up South America vs Europe battle, man-on-man K.O. Format (one SA against one EU). Europe won 7 – 1

The Speedy Experience Big Air 2005 by Telefonica


The 24 riders, including sixteen South Americans, seven Europeans and one New Zealander competed in the main event in a two jump qualifying format with their best run counting, cutting the field to sixteen. The remaining sixteen’s best single jump would decide who would make the cut for the Sunday finals.

TTR tour veteran, Martin Cernik won the qualification, executing a smooth and well landed cab 900. He was to lead the remaining seven finalists on Sunday, including Stephan Gimpl, Quentin Robbins, Chris Kroell, Eero Ettala, Sani Alibabic, Rudi Kroell, and Facundo Vial Sotomayor , however, a deep cut to his leg sadly removed him from the finals list, of which he was replaced by ninth placed Toddy Person.


The Finals, again showcased in front of a frenzy of Brazilian spectators were also held in classic man-on-man K.O. format. The structure, show and competitiveness accumulated to a great homage to Professional Freestyle Snowboarding and the ongoing success of the TTR Tour. Finland’s Eero Ettala took honors with a perfect switch double back flip and a huge backside rodeo 720


1st place: Eero Ettala (FIN)
2nd place: Stephan Gimpl (AUT)
3rd place: Chris Kroell (AUT)
4th place: Facundo Vial Sotomayor (ARG)

The Speedy Experience Big Air 2005 by Telefonica was organized in association with ‘Realizar’, a Portuguese Agency, ‘Rock in Rio’ from Brazil and Peter Bayer’s ‘ VIA3’ organization. Production was supported by technical director, Sandro Wirth and the international judging panel spearheaded by Guido van Meel. The event has given riders a professional start to their migration south.

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