Eddy Takes Kawasaki Triple Air

Joe Eddy Overcomes Nasty Fog to Win Mountain High’s Kawasaki Triple Air.Mr. Eddy got a water bottle full with 10k dollars in cold hard cash for his efforts through the threejumps this past Saturday, January 27, 2007. Spencer Link ripped his way to second and LonnieKauk got third. Hey, not everyone is at the X Games. In fact, since peoplewere chilling next to the course in lounge chairs sipping Keystone Lightwhile those at the X Games face Nazi-like security, it might be safe to say thisevent was more fun. Veterans Cory Cronk, Rahm Klampert, Jack Mitraniand so on were sharing the hill with many up and comers. The action was lookinghot; 900s were going down like mad, and 1080s were in store for the finals. Notjust a spin fest, these cats all had style and legit action was goingdown. A crazy fog came in though which made visibility almost nil. Thatmixed in with a light rain meant things slowed down quite a bit for thefinals. The riders and fans stuck around so it was a success and thanks toKawasaki and the good folks at Mountain High.

Final Results

Women’s Am

1 Bryn Valaika
2 Nirvana Ortanez

Women’s Pro

1 Bev Vuilleunier
2 Nicki Slechta
3 Desiree Melancon

Men’s Am

1 Nicholas Sibayan
2 James Robin
3 Mikey Radziwon

Men’s Pro

1. Joe Eddy
2. Spencer Link
3. Lonnie Kauk

4. Bode Merrill
5. Nate Kern