Eclipse Late Season Session

Who needs Hood? Colorado still has some action, right? Last Sunday, June 16th, a select group of riders got together at Eclipse Snow Park for an extra late season jump session. After a short hike up to where the snow starts, everyone jumped on sleds and rocketed up to what will surely be the last jump hit in Colorado for the 2006-2007 season. The crew consisted of Lakota Sage, Taylor Brant, Ryan Thompson, Chad O, Brent Meyer, Ryan Peterson (one of the owners of Lucid Notion Snowboards), Diana Distrola, photographer Jeff Nass, Chris from FYC pics, and Park Builder Tony Distrola.

Tony built a sweet kicker for everyone to play around on, and with snow so soft, it felt a lot like Mt Hood. Everyone jammed on the jump for a few hours, caught up on what they did all season, and more or less hung out. Basically this was a hint of what could be a future summer operation up at Eclipse. There is plenty of snow up there still, so the possibility exists for having a sick summer park, camp, etc. Check out Jeff’s photos from the day- you’ll know everyone had fun!

Eclipse Snow Park is located in St Marys, Colorado, less than 45 minutes outside of Denver. While they aren’t operational yet, they have delayed opening to make sure everything they do, they do it right. Good things come to those who wait... and that is how they are doing this place up. They have jumped through most of the legal hoops, and now are just setting up their game plan for how to take the Colorado scene by storm. Ask anyone who has been up there, and they will tell you that Eclipse builds everything right and everyone involved is down to earth, knows what’s up in snowboarding, and is excited about what they are doing.