Dumped And Kitted(tm) Tonino Copene 16.1

Dumped And Kitted(tm) Tonino CopeneInterview by Cody Dresser

How many Broncos have you owned?
This is my fourth-it’s a 1972.

You’ve wrecked every one of them?
As soon as I get them completed, it seems I roll ’em. They all still drove home except for the last one-it did a half-Cab heelflip and I ended up in the backseat.

What’s up with the superhood?
It’s a raised fiberglass hood with a clean-air intake to fit the 351 engine.

Describe the power plant.
It has a 351 Windsor V-8 with Keith Black pistons, a Schneider race cam, headers, and an MSD ignition-it’s probably pushing over 300 horsepower. I wanted a really strong and reliable engine since it’s a daily driver.

How much have you invested?
A little here and a little there-it’s not too bad. My buddy Brandon Ruff showed me how you can get some really good stuff at the wreckers.

Is it faster than Brandon’s?
Yeah, but who knows for how long. He bought a truck and put his 460 V-8 boat motor in it. I’d like to race that thing.

How many miles a gallon?
Three to seventeen-it depends on your right foot. It’s a lot of fun, except when shit goes wrong in the winter. Man-these things have taught me to control my temper.

Thirty-five-inch all-terrain BF Goodrich.

What’s up with the lift and suspension?
It only has a three-inch lift, but it has longer radius arms, full-width axles, oversized disc brakes, and I really chopped the body.

Any gear modifications or lockers?
No, just a different transmission. I’m not into rock crawling-I’d rather jump mine.

You got a bumping system?
Nope. A lot of treble.

Is hip-hop allowed in the Bronco?
Rap is-NWA and Public Enemy.

Driving music?
Right now-Motà®rhead, the new Blood For Blood, or Accept.

Have you owned Ford Broncos exclusively?
Except for one Honda I bought to deliver pizzas.

Does it get the ladies?
Hell no, they hate it-except for one.

Photos: AndyWright.com

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