Dumped And Kitted with Mike Ranquet 16.2

Dumped And Kitted(tm) with Mike Ranquet
By Cody Dresser

What year is the Dodge?
It’s a ’68 Charger R/T with a 440 V8 Magnum.

Does it have matching numbers?
No, it isn’t matching, but it’s an official R/T-it’s not a clone. My car came with a 383 originally. Someone put a 440 out of a truck in it in the 70s-and then Jamie Lynn dropped a ’67 Charger 440 in.

How much horsepower?
Almost 400-I just got new headers, new Flow Masters, and new tips. That probably added another fifteen percent.

Those are Cragar rims?
I got Cragars-and a Posi-Traction rear end out back.

How many miles a gallon you runnin’?
Two-I don’t stomp on it that much.

I heard some stories about the photo shoot.
This guy got out of his car and ran out to get my license plate. Right as he was getting his pen out I was parked in the dirt-I peeled out and kicked a bunch of dust, did a 180, and took off.

Dukes of Hazzard-style!
Fully-just smoked him. It was classic.

This car was in the snowboard film RPM, right?
Yeah, that was back in ’93. Dave Seoane had it and he was buying a house in Tahoe at the time. I already had my house, so I was like, “F-k yeah, I need a muscle car!” I bought it for four grand or something.

Wasn’t it all cherry then?
Pretty much. Then one day it caught on fire and I had to restore the whole interior-it took a couple months. But the engine still wasn’t quite there. Now you lift the hood, and it’s like, “Holy shit!”-Jamie cherried it out.

And it was stolen?
I woke up one morning, and it just wasn’t there-a total pro job. A month later on my birthday, I get a call from the police-they’d found it. So they trailered it over after I paid some enormous amount of money to get it out of impound. It was just a heap-no steering wheel, no dash, none of the rims matched. The top of the engine, the grill, the bumpers-anything that could be popped off immediately and sold-gone. Jamie sourced it all out for me, and the parts were three or four grand alone. It was a lot of work-it was all Jamie who got it back together. One day he came over, and we were having a few beers. I took him out to the garage, and he almost broke down in tears, you know?
So the next day he pulls up his truck with a flat bed on it, and hoists it up …

He just came over and took that shit?
Oh yeah, he was like, “I’m going to fix this thing.” I wasn’t in a financial position to throw down three grand and pay someone ten grand to fix it. Jamie put the labor of love into it-it’s way better than it ever was in its finest moments before.

So how long has it been off the road?
About three years-I didn’t start driving it until two months ago. It took Jamie two years to find all the parts. It was high on the priority list, but he’s got his cars to work on, too. I just looked at it like, “If I get to drive it again one day, I’m stoked. I don’t care how long it takes.” I’m so happy to have it back. Jamie really kept the integrity of the original car when he restored it-I mean aside from the rims. But they’re timepiece rims-I just want the stuff on the car that some kid would have put on it if he bought it back in ’71.

The Black Sabbath sticker doesn’t look half-bad, either.
It doesn’t hurt-when I get it repainted, I may just have it painted on there.

I’m going to put a stock tape deck in with a mini disc in the glove box. I already have the deck and speakers, but it’s kind of last on my list. We forgot to get a shot of my stereo system-my Osiris G Bag with a Sony mini disc in the backseat!