Downtime Interview with Keir And Trevor

Too much down time with the bad weather here in Japan. I’m trapped in a miniature hotel room with Foster. We’ve got a squat toilet down the hall and a communal bath in the basement. We’re eating weird stuff. Outside, visibility is about an arm’s length. Keir Dillon and Trevor Andrew are posted up in a hotel room across the courtyard, so I recorded them as I asked a few dumb questions about this trip and Japan. It’s foggy and spitting rain–if the readers could only see how epic it all is.

How many times have you been to Japan?
K: Ten or eleven times.More. Eight times in the last two years.
T: Yeah, ten. Our first time to Japan we were together–the junior worlds, back in the day.

How?s this trip shaping up?
T: I always have fun when I come here, I wish it was dumping-like usual.
K: Normally we’d be getting fresh pow but no stress, we’re hanging out in a different country, everything’s mellow.

Did you but anything in Tokyo?
T:I went to purchase the Rolex Yachtmaster, but I was over my limit on the Visa card, so I gotta go back.

You guys had a sweet mini-jump session yesterday, what did you bust?
K: I can’t claim.
T: Frontside three stinky methods. Old shit.

What do you think of all your Japanese fans?
K: It’s cool. Without those kids, we wouldn’t have jobs.
T: It?s a shock kind of, people aren’t as forward at home.

What’s it going to take to win this contest?
K: We haven’t even seen the pipe yet. Kids are going to be throwing down, though. We’re in Japan, and they can’t wait to beat up on us.

Will we see you at Stratton for the U.S Open?
T: If it’s not sunny in Whistler, for sure.
K: Yeah I’m going.

Shout outs from Japan?
T: Yasou and Kumi.
K: To my wifey.