(Saturday, September 8, 2007) Went to Tijuana for the Rome Premier of Any Means. Had been looking forward to it for a while. Like being reminded of how good we got in here in the states. Think it’s important perspective. And easy to see from TJ. Love snowboarding. Wanted to see the video I’d heard so much about. Dropped in before it was dark. Ate tacos and drank beers. Held both down. My buddy wasn’t so lucky. Only made it half a block. Visit first foreign latrine. He felt better afterward. We ignored the omen.

Walked on. Was approached by lots of little kids with sad faces and open hands and even more men selling sinful things. Made it to the spot sooner than later. Sat down. Ordered buckets of beer. Noticed we were the only gringos. Our brothers in shred showed up shortly.

Then we made our way to the dance floor to stare at grainy televisions that occasionally cut out. Same for the sound. Wasn’t bothered a bit. Jaw dropped. Vision turned tunnel. Was transported to winter.

In time I heard chats from the locals, whose dance floor we were all now occupying. “F–k this, F–k this, F–k this, they yelled, looking genuinely angry. We were on their turf. Got a little nervous. Thought it poignant. Distracted myself with more snowboard action. Gave Bjorn an “uhhhh, yelled “yeah for Marie-France, was wowed by LNP. Got overwhelmed by my urge to slide snow. Resigned to current existence in TJ. Watched dudes get tossed off the mechanical bull, witnessed two piercings, almost lost the beer Rome gave me, was shuffled outside before I knew it.

“Ahhh. Fresh air, I thought.

Then “Ohhh damn, this is what all the sketch is about. Got in cab, made it a block, heard siren, saw lights, got a thorough shake down by some men with guns, questioned the constitutions of the guys I was with, was glad to be let go.

Made it back to America just after 5:00 a.m., had a long day and a half, felt the wrath of Montezuma, peed out of my butt, considered what I’d done, forced fingers to type, decided to leave some parts of the story out, shivered some, was reminded of the lengths I’ll go to for snowboarding. Was stoked.