All kinds of tricks ...

All kinds of tricks ... FK on the wheels of steel.

You've seen Swiss Burton Pro Frederik Kalbermatten in the movies for years: Standard Films, Burton movies, and of course in the pages of all the mags. He's known for freeride and freestyle savagery. They call him "Stompermatten" after all.  Last season, he re-joined the Absinthe Films crew, so look for him in Now/Here this fall. Off the snow, Freddie is busy man. He's the co-founder of streetwear brand Atreebutes (with his partner Nicolas Müller) and he's also a DJ. He's been mixing up hip-hop beats and breaks for awhile. Recently, he’s posted some fresh Dubstep mixes on the Soundcloud web site. FK's beats are sounding real good, so we asked him some questions about his DJ deal.

How long have you been Djing? I started DJing in 2004. I don't really make beats. Sometimes I play around with Garageband when traveling, but that's it. I like to mix a capellas over different instrumentals and put mash-ups together.

Do you spin vinyl? Yes. I have a vinyl collection at home but also got a Serato a couple years ago.

What gear do you use? I have Technics SL-1210MK2 Turntables, a Pioneer DJM-909 Mixer, Sennheiser HD-1 II Headphones, a SP-202 Beat Sampler, and a Serato.

Are you more of an at home lab DJ or a party DJ? Both, it depends on the season. I get a lot of DJ gigs September through December. That time of the year I'm more like a party DJ touring around Switzerland and Europe. In the summer time when there is not much going on with parties I like to play at home and record mixtapes. In the winter I don't really DJ because of snowboarding.

FK, always keeping it mellow.  Photo: Ahriel Povich

FK, always keeping it mellow. Photo: Ahriel Povich

What have you been mixing up lately? I've made two dubstep mixtapes this past month. Both are available on my page. Check it out, its a free download.

Who are some of your favorite artists or DJs? Uhh, I like a lot of artists … right now I’m getting more into music from England, they have the best dubstep and drum & base scene in the world, but also fresh Hip Hop such as Dizzee Rascal and the new Skitz album (Sticksman) is so good! My favorite DJs are DJ Stylewarz from Germany and DJ A-Dog. They both inspire me.

Have you been able to combine shredding and DJing? Yes, on an Absinthe trip to Kamchatka, Russia last April. The night before our last shredding day we went to the main city of Kamchatka. Andrew the Russian photographer and I were DJing in the main club out there. It was amazing! The whole Absinthe and Burton crew went off and partied hard! Besides that, I played at the official after party in Zürich last year. I also spun for Swatch in New York once at the TTR general assembly.

What's the club scene like in Zürich? The club scene in Zürich is the biggest in Switzerland. There are always concerts, events and stuff like that. I have been DJing in Zürich a couple of times and will be playing again at in September.

How is everything going with your streetwear brand Atreebutes? It's going good. The first collection will be available in stores in September. Working hard on the next collections right now and our network is very strong.


Is it available in the U.S.? Not yet. We are looking for the right distribution partner.

How was it to be back filming with Absinthe this year? Stoked to be back on Absinthe! Good shred with good people and good filming in Europe.

Moving the crowd somewhere in Europa.

Moving the crowd somewhere in Europa.

What are your plans with music? Are you trying to do more with DJing? Yeah, for sure. I mean, for now it's just a hobby and snowboarding keeps me quite busy which is good because I love to shred and focus 100 % on snowboarding. I’d like to become a better DJ, too, but I’m not in a hurry. I can always put more energy into it when I'm older.

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