Press Release Deeluxe Global Deemons

Dear Friends,

We are proud to launch our new team section called Global Deemons. Global Deemons are everywhere. From France to Japan. From the concrete landscape of the streets to the deep powder field of the Mountains.

We want to give a platform to all the riders who stand behind us and our product. Some of the Global Deemons are already well known in the snowboard world, some will hopefully be on the cover of a magazine one day.

It's on you now to spread the word about those great guys. Please help us to give them the visibility they deserve.

We are proud to announce that the Global Deemons are: Martin Seiler, Goeff Brown, Johann Baisamy, Levi Luggen, Thomas Feurstein, Facundo Vial Sotomayor, Tarjei Sporastoyl, Alex Fischer, Flo Heim, Aljosa Krivec, Simon Pircher, Dominik Brunner, Michi Schatz, Chris Boehnke, Robert Butscher, Ollie Plumley, Davo Struber, Matic Zavodnik, Mary Luggen, Sarah Jane Phillips, Adriana Olech, Maria Ramberger, ISAO, Tomoharu, KJO, Friedl May, Dominik Weghaupt, Mark Goodall and Michael Stanschitz.

DeeLuxe Snowboardboots, Kufstein Austria, 12th of March 2012.