DC Sled Giveaway

TWS is teaming up with DC to give away this brand-new Yamaha sled. Now, we can’t just send any Johnny on the slopes out into the backcountry on this powerful machine, that’s why we crafted a twenty-question, multiple-choice test about backcountry/avalanche safety. The rider who answers all the questions and completes the mini-essay question will be in contention to win.

This prize will make your season pass obsolete, opening up the world of the backcountry. The Phazer RTX snowmobile has a street value of 7,600 dollars, it has all the bells and whistles of a next-level machine: a modern four-stroke engine, 500cc, electronic fuel injection, and a total weight of less than 500 pounds. Unlike sleds of the past, the Phazer features “rider forward positioning, which means you sit on it in more of a motorcycle stance than the riding-the-couch stance of the past. Did we mention the electric start, hand warmers, and reverse gear?

For your opportunity to win just sharpen that #2 mouse and log on to win. The DC poll closes 12/06/07, so get going.



Here it is—the essay question you’ll find at the end of the twenty-questions online. You’ve got all the time in the world now—make it good:

You and your friends are planning a trip into the backcountry. It snowed two feet in the last 48 hours. It’s late in the season and the temperatures have been fluctuating a lot recently. It’s also been windy all week. Describe all the steps you should take before you make your first turns. Also describe what sort of terrain those first turns will be on.