The transaction has been made. It coulda been you, but it was Ben Gavelda a senior at the University of Reno, just over the pass from the Tahoe backcountry, who got all the answers right in the backcountry knowledge poll and who also had the very best essay. If it was the GREs, he would a gotten a score high enough to get into Harvard Medical, but he got something even better—Ben accepted delivery of his new Yamaha Phazer RTX snowmobile in late February. When informed of his big win, Ben was like, “Holy s**t, I definitely feel like I’m dreaming!  I can’t believe this, I’m speechless.” Since then he has been going out with his bros, getting stuck, and running it into trees—it’s a learning process.


Thanks to DC and Yamaha for the awesome giveaway and thanks to all of you for entering. Of course we’ll bring you more opportunities to win more stuff in the future.