DC Shred Sled Winner Announced

Matt Kuhar of Lake Tahoe is laughing. He’s the winner of DC and TransWorld’s Shred Sled contest. Matt submitted an unbeatable combination of video footage and heart. This kid is the real-deal shred. Check out an interview with Matt in the April issue of TWS and click below to listen to the phone call from DC’s Brian Botts and everyone’s favorite pro rider Travis Rice. You’d be trippin’ too if you won a 13,000 dollar Yamaha SX Viper–hand delivered by DC to your doorstep!

We’ve also got to recognize the runners up, Mats Hanson (SLC), and Ashley Call (the AK). These guys are swilling in some new DC gear. Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter. And to all the fools who didn’t–well, hopefully you’re friends with Kuhar.