Late Saturday evening we landed in Vancouver then winded our way up the road headed to Whistler. After a long week in Government Camp, a delayed flight, Chas getting pulled into customs for questioning, and rental car mayhem we were nothing but exhausted. The group consisted of Chas Guldemond, Jonas Carlson, and myself stuffed into a Dodge Caliber (whatever that is) following close behind Fabia from Camp of Champions who had Kimmy Fasani and Andrew Geeves in her whip. This was my first venture up to Whistler and all I was told was to be prepared for good shredding, a lot of bears and girls. Not to mention the fact that we were informed by Fabia of a local cougar that just got put down for stalking people around town. You have to watch out for those cougars on the prowl. We got to our house in Brio and met up with Aaron Biittner, and the man behind the scenes at the Mtn. Lab Nick Olsen.

The next morning we woke up to blue skies, eggs and bacon, and a box of new DC test boards to mount and shred. We all scrambled up the hill to peep the setup and get the blood flowing again. We met up with Raewyn Reid and C Of C loc dawg Torstein Horgmo at the chair to give us the lay of the land. After taking two chairs, a bus, and another chair we stood atop the glacier peering down on camp. All of us got right to business and started lapping the t-bar with all the campers. Blazing sunshine, sandwiches galore for lunch, and zero hiking, what more could we have asked for. Well, bears … I didn’t see one the whole ride up. We had planned to shoot a few features the following night for sunset so we sussed out what we wanted to hit, coordinated some needed changes with the diggers to a few of the jumps and headed down for some skating and recreating.

Morning two brought overcast skies and a hint of “not so rad weather to come. Most of the crew stayed fast asleep to rest for the up coming evening session, while Torstein, Kimmy, Raewyn, and I all rallied up to the hill to make sure the changes made to the jumps were on point and dialed for the night shoot. Torstein tested the 70 ft step up and the 55ft table and we were good to go. We then headed down to chill before it became shred time again.

Five o’ clock came up quick and we loaded the two C Of C rigs and headed up the windy mountain road to the glacier. A few of us hung back to wait for the arrival of DC’s Devun Walsh and Todd Richards. They finally showed up chipper as usual and we headed up, stuffing our faces with bbq chips the whole drive. We arrived up top with lingering clouds throughout the skyline, hoping we would get the window we needed. The 70 ft. step up was our first mission. Jonas, Chas, Geeves, and Torstein began getting it dialed in as the light started to get good. After the blink of an eye these guys were pushing one another trick after trick. BS 180 … check. FS 3 … check. BS 7 … check. Then it was on. As the sky began to turn orange Jonas threw BS 9 and an almost slow motion FS 7 stale, while Geeves got Japanese with his BS 7 and 9. Chas keep the motivation high with a lofty BS 1080 nose, while Torstein the Norwegian flew his flag switch all evening stomping a huge switch BS 5, followed by a switch BS 1080, then taking it to switch back 12 slightly dragging his hand on the landing. It didn’t stop there. As we lost the light on the step up we moved down to the 55 ft table where Kimmy was already sorting out her speed to get ‘er done. As the best light of the evening set upon the backdrop Kimmy served up a few BS 3 melons and mutes, as Devun Walsh checked the show, commenting that Kimmy “had the best style all evening. The rest of the crew held it down, hitting the table with Kimmy till the light faded to black. All and all the crew made the best of the session, and cruised down to meet the trucks for a well deserved Canadian cold one.

I wish I could tell you that the weather stayed epic but it was just not the case. Rain, rain, and more rain the next few days. This meaant lots of Splits burgers, a viewing of Transformers, indoor skating at creekside, DC vs. Campers in volleyball (yeah … seriously), and a board testing rain mission on the glacier that was actually full of smiles. We did manage to round up the whole crew to join Camp of Champions for a sponsor night. Have you ever fit seven kids in a Big Black t-shirt before? We did! All is took was some coaxing from some DC pros like Biittner and Richards and TWS has the photos to prove it along with some epic riding shots from the week. Thanks Camp Of Champs!