Daniel Mignaeault

Full Name: Daniel Mignaeault

Date of Birth: 2/16/78

Hometown: Baie-Comeau, Quebec

Home Mountain: Mont Tibasse, but lives in Whistler now

Riding Since: 1990

Sponsors: Hammer, Q-wax

What do you like about halfpipe?


Do you ever get to freeride or do you spend most of the season competing? Most of the season is halfpipe riding, but when the snow falls we freeride. You can’t ride the pipe with snow in it.

If you weren’t snowboarding what would you be doing right now with your life? Nothing

What do you do in your spare time away from snowboarding? Watch TV, listen to music, I quit skating too many injuries, play basketball.

What do you think about the level of competition these days? Is it getting harder?

People are better every year…higher more technical. I am better every year too so it doesn’t seem harder I grow with the sport.

Who are the riders that most influence your style? Ingemar Backman, Daniel Franck, some of the Canadian riders like Trevor Andrew and Allan Clark.