Dan Hunt

Full Name: Dan Hunt

Date of Birth: 1/4/71

Hometown: Santa Cruz and Echo Lakes

Home Mountain: Kirkwood, CA

Riding Since: 1990

Sponsors: Dakine, Rip Curl, Vertical Drop Snowboard Shop

Board/Stance Preferences Something in the high sixties to low seventies. 21.75″ wide (give or take), 15à'º front/ 0à'º back, 1.5″- 3″ back.

Favorite Terrain: Steep and rocky

First Time: I fell everywhere, and I was frustrated. By my third run, I was able to connect turns, and during my fourth run I blew out my front binding. My first board was a Burton Performer Elite 140; I used it for four runs, then sold it to my brother.

If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would it be? Antarctica- Because it really hasn’t been done.

Is snowboarding ready for the Olympics? Yes, snowboarding is ready for the Olympics and the Olympics is ready for snowboarding. It needs something exciting.

If you didn’t snowboard, what would you be doing right now? I would have stayed in school. I’d probably have a degree in engineering; I’d be commuting to work, sitting at a desk, and I wouldn’t be nearly as happy.

What do you expect to be doing after your career as a rider? Perhaps I’ll be involved in the industry or hopefully, I will be living fat off something I invented.

What do you do when you’re not snowboarding? Anything that’s outside and active, and anything involving the mountains or the ocean. I like to mountain bike, surf, backpack, go to our cabin in Echo Lake. No sitting inside.

Who most influences your style? This is a tough question. I respect a lot of people, but I never modeled my style after anyone. If I had to pick someone, it would be skiers like “Tele Rob”. He has precision- the ability to get in and out of really tight things. And, he has soul- he’s in the sport for the pure fun of it.

Who do you ride with the most? Friends like Pat Bonser (my half brother), Eric Arnold, Paul Elkins, Home Hill Buddies, Mark Swarts.

If you were going on a trip and could only take five things with you (other than a change of clothes and your snowboard) what would those things be? Hippie food, sunglasses, safety equipment, a sketch pad, and a picture of my girlfriend.

What’s your favorite…

Food: Fajitas

Color: Green

Number: 6

Mountain: Kirkwood

Month: January

Time of day: (day person or night): Day person

Airline: Alaska Air

Car: Porsche 911 Turbo; all wheel drive

Animal: Mountain goat- for their agility Peregrine falcon- for their speed