Dakides Wins Roxy Chicken Jam Slopestyle

It was yet another sunny day in Park City for the second installment of the Roxy Chicken Jam. The slopestyle course was fairly mellow with the jumps hovering in the 15-25 foot zone and the jib section including a couple of mellow kink boxes, a down rail, and a kinked bar. However, the features being small definitely didn’t make for a boring contest, as the girls were able to try more technical tricks than they would have been able to had the course been more difficult.

We saw multiple fives in all directions from many of the girls, and some stomped sevens from the likes of Cheryl Maas, Silvia Mittermuler and Hana Beaman. Jamie Anderson proved once again that although she’s one of the youngest girls out there, she has some of the best style in women’s snowboarding, and Tara Dakides threw down a clean backside rodeo that was deemed “perfect by spectator Louie Vito.

In the end it came down to Torah Bright, who took third place and was also announced as the new TTR World Champion, Jamie Anderson, who was awarded second and also best trick on the kink bar, and Tara Dakides in first. Also walking away with some money was Leanne Pelosi, who’s 270-on got her best trick on the down rail. And while it was a competition, the vibe was more that of a fun day in the park with friends, making it one of the most enjoyable contests of the year.

Final Results:
1. Tara Dakides
2. Jamie Anderson
3. Torah Bright

Best Trick on the Zumiez down-rail
Leanne Pelosi

Best Trick on the Zumiez kink-rail:
Jamie Anderson