Czeschin and Bleiler Win Tamarack Grand Prix Pipe Finals

?Tamarack, Idaho--More than 4,000 spectators lined the 22-foot high SuperPipe at Tamarack?Resort today to cheer on Olympic and X Games medalists as they threw?down in the pipe for the US Snowboard Grand Prix finale. The men’s?competition for the Grand Prix Overall title was extremely close -?decided by a tiebreaker. 

U.S. Snowboarding pro rider Tommy Czeschin?(Mammoth Lakes, CA) added another mark to his already outstanding season?Saturday winning both the final halfpipe of the 2007 Chevrolet U.S.?Snowboard Grand Prix series and the overall Grand Prix title at Tamarack?Resort. Olympic silver medalist Gretchen Bleiler (Aspen, CO) captured?the women’s victory and Kelly Clark (Mount Snow, VT), who won the?opening two events, took the overall crown.

Final Results

1. BLEILER, Gretchen 45.80
2. JACOBELLIS, Lindsey 41.10
3. BYRNES, Tricia 37.40
4. SHAW, Brooke 33.70
5. GLENN, Leslie 30.70
6. PUGH, Meg 27.20
7. MITCHELL, Paula 23.70

1. CZESCHIN, Tommy 42.8
2. VITO, Louie 42.20
3. LADLEY, Matt 41.50
4. WYNEN, Luke 39.90
5. BLACK, Jake 39.80
6 . GOLDSCHMIDT, Michael 39.20
7. BRETZ, Gregory 38.30