Dingo and Danny are rolling with BME? Say whaaat? Yep, Kass and his boy have been inducted into the notorious BME Click headed up by none other than the king of crunk himself—Lil Jon. Joining the crew of rappers and DJs alongside the two shredders are skaters Ryan Sheckler and Greg Lutzka, and surfer Travis Mellem. Needless to say, there’s a Lil Jon signature Grenade Glove on the way, and Danny and Dingo are already rocking BME chains. We caught up with Jon to get the lowdown on BME’s expansion team.

Lil Jon says, “I used to skate in the 80s and just started surfing and snowboarding. Over the last couple of years I’ve been hanging out with Sheckler and Travis a lot, they’re like family, so I brought them into my family—The BME Click. Dingo and Danny are rebels like me, so they were perfect additions to the team too! We’re a well-rounded team now of rappers, skaters, DJs, snowboarders, and surfers.