Coupe De Shred

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The Coupe de Shred went down this past weekend at Northstar-at-Tahoe. More than just your normal competition, something bigger was at stake. The contest hosts a rivalry that could be compared to the Biggie vs. 2 Pac; East Coast vs. West Coast rap battle—North shore vs. South Shore. The battle has gone back in forth in past years with the contest alternating shores every year. This year the North prevailed with a higher podium count. But don’t count the South out, as they will be back next year to battle it out for bragging rights once again.

Under 15 Results:

1. Clayton Dole
2. Graham Haley
3. Colton Morgan

Men’s Results:

1. Johnny Lazz
2. Andrew Brawer
3. Ben Wynn

4. Dakota Whitiker

Women’s Results:

1. Jess Ford
2. Angela Halo Wilson
3. Chrissy

4. Courtney Kemp