The fine folks at Scurvy Bastards know what to do when organizing local, grassroots contest. The premise of Coupe De Shred is a North shore versus South shore event in Lake Tahoe, California, where local kids and snowboard reps come out to show their stuff.

We flew into Reno on Friday morning where and met up music star, Renee Renee and his lovely wife Char. We were shuttled down to South Lake to hook up with The Blocks General Manager Mad Mike who put us in our dope ass MFM stamped rooms.

As we arrived at the contest at Heavenly the next morning (12/16/06), we could hear the golden voice of Grenade’s safety marshal, Binky shouting out all the kids and reps in the mix. Local riders like Robbie Sell and Mikey Basich came out to cheer on the. Kids like little Johnny Lazz’, and Asa Martinez were getting wicked on all the features, while Sketchy D, and Binky were screaming on the mic’. DJ Bird was mixing, and there was a cameo performance by Renee Renee, which kept the crowd very stoked. South shore ended up taking the win and claiming their territory proper. The contest went off without a hitch and everyone had a good time. Scurvy Bastards Inc took the crew out to eat pizza and then we all took naps to recharge for the big show at Opal in Mont Bleu.

When the crew showed up at the Opal, Travis Parker, Robbie Sell, and Stephen duke were there to check out the big Renee Renee Show. Free Drinks were getting guzzled all night and the G4 channel filmers were there to capture everything for the Block reality show that will be debuting soon. The entire night was incredible and everyone, especially sketchy D who woke up in the wrong hotel room in the morning.

Check out the party pics linked up on the left.