Copper to Gold: WWSRA Rockies On Snow Demo at Copper Mtn

Nestled in the heart of the Colorado Rockies amongst many world famous resorts is a paradise called Copper Mountain. Copper Mountain is the definition of a mountain resort. Walking through the village, people from all walks of life are partaking in the Copper experience. Not a cloud in the sky, a pristine and beautiful place. Then we showed up …Pulling up in our Tioga 32 ft motor home to meet up with team riders Paavo Tikkanen, Adam Fous and Donn Hore who were all being chaperoned by the one and only Scott “the Future Serfas, one knew that this was going to a trip that could put the Demo in Demolition!! High fives thrown all around, we all got ready for the next few days to unfold. Waking up to the sun gleaming and not a puff of wind to be had, we knew it was the start of something special. Our group assembled at the bottom of the hill waiting for the most important man in all of Copper Mountain Java Hernadez. Java is not only the perfect guide for the mountain, as he knows every which way to go, but he also is the best après- shred host we have met in years. Lift tickets ready and demo tent in place thanks to Dean Ottenbright and Luke Jay of the Vans Crew, the floodgates opened to the public and retailers of the Rockies WWSRA On Snow Demo. What a turn out!!! It is apparent that if you have a shop in the Rockies you better be able to back up your talk with your walk. Of course the crew from Satellite not only have shredders like Laura Hadar and Pat Millbury destroying the mountain for them, but Kinsey and Raul have got the shred on lock as well. All is well, boards going out and people having fun… even a sighting of Max Jenke Paavo Tikkanen and Johan from CAPiTA taking on the super pipe and giving it a lesson…As the afternoon came upon us, the smell of hotdogs and hamburgers filled the air and the feeding frenzy commenced. What a great way to get people to your booth…feed them and they will come.Good times and then Après shred with some great food and then off to the Club scene of Copper…ok so the bar to go to is Pravda…cause it is the only thing open past midnight, which makes it “the hotspot and it really is. Everybody gets their drink on and has a good time. Endeavor rider/TransWorld cover boy Donn Hore was even scene playing a few tunes on his air guitar for the crowd.At night if you are looking to poach a rail for a night time photoshoot, make sure you see the crew at Satellite – Pat and the boys know them all. Serfas and the crew had one of the best sessions I have ever seen go down. After almost an hour of set-up, the security guard rolled up with his flashlight in hand. It looked like it was a bust, but with a couple of friendly words he walked away allowing the crew to have a gnarly session on a 25 step wood rail with cheese grater stairs. They killed it!!! Laura Hader had 5-0s on lock, Hore was landing boardslides like it ain’t no thing, and Pat was throwing frontside 180 to swtch 5-0 to half cab out! Crazy…All in all the Copper Mountain Demo is what Snowboarding is all about: good company, great friends, amazing conditions and cold beer. If you ever get the chance make sure you go to Copper to turn your memories to Gold!!