Colorado’s Karlie Cummins was the first to answer the four brain busters, and in turn reaped the rewards, a brand new setup from Roxy. Thanks to everyone for who participated and stay tuned as we’ll bei tossing more product your way asap!

Here were the questions:

1. Which Roxy girl has received the front cover of a TWS issue?
Erin Comstock graced TransWorld’s 03/04 Buyer’s Guide cover

2. Which Roxy girl started an all women’s production company, and produced the most well reputed girls snowboard film ever?
Amber Stackhouse started Misschief Films alongside Fabia Grueebler in 2005.

3. Which Roxy girl has been on the team the longest?
Jessica Dalpiaz signed a clothing sponsorship with Roxy in 1998

4. Which Roxy girl has had a fractured eye socket?
Alexis Waite fractured her eye socket in early ’05 practicing at the X-Games.