Clark and Finch Score Victories At Mammoth Triple Crown Superpipe Amidst Heavy Winds

Clark and Finch Score Victories At Mammoth Triple Crown Amidst Heavy Winds

This past weekend in Mammoth the weather fluctuated like Oprah’s weight. On Friday, there were high winds and low visibility, Saturday was sunny, and Sunday saw more wind and bad visibility, just in time for the pipe finals. To add to the fun, the Superpipe also looked to be questionable for a contest of this caliber. Andy Finch said there were a few bumps but the walls were good. Steve Fisher was downright pissed that Frank Wells hadn’t shaped the pipe. As a result, the height and difficulty of tricks were a little lower than normal for a Vans Triple Crown. You know what though? It’s snowboarding and in the end most everyone had a good time. Both the men and the women stepped it up despite the conditions.

The ladies went first and the wind really whipped them around. Why just last week in Aspen most of these ladies were blasting way overhead and pulling 900s like taking candy from a baby. Today was a slightly different story; 720s were the biggest spins and airs were just a little overhead by the top riders. Kjesti Oestguaard dropped into a nice big 540 on her first wall, kept her height all the way down the pipe and made a nice frontside 720 in her run to take third place. Hannah, what can you say about Hannah Teter getting second place? She does all the hard tricks, way out over the lip, with a smile on her face the whole time. If anyone can beat Hannah these days, it’s Kelly Clark. Kelly blasted big airs on the upper section of the pipe and then saved the 540s and 720s for the bottom section. Kelly got the job done today, taking first place.

Some other things stood out in the ladies division today. Little Elena Height reeled in a sick frontside 7 to Cab 5 combo. Dorianne Vidal was the only lady to hit big 7s on her first wall. Lisa Wiik threw an inverted frontside 720 into the mix. Going into the final round of the Triple Crown Hannah Teter and Kelly Clark are neck and neck for the overall series title.

The men were not quite as affected by the wind, probably due to their larger size. Anti Autti blasted huge slob airs on his first wall. Anti followed that up with various combinations of a 1080, 720s and 900s. Score third place for this scanner, I thought this boy was gonna win. I don’t think Tommy Czeschin did a 1080, think I was talking to my old girlfriend at the time or trying not to slide down the icy pipe. Do remember The Machine looking really solid and stylish and the judges must have liked him, he got second. Andy Finch rules to watch! Andy always charges one-hundred and ten percent; he’s either on the podium or at the bottom of the pipe. You gotta love that all or nothing attitude. Today it put Andy Finch into first place.

Luke Wynen did the highest 540s of the day. Abe Teter went the biggest, period. Shaun White injured his knee at the X Games and is out for an undetermined time. Danny Kass was in the finals but decided not to enter, no reasons were given. Danny Kass had the same bib number as he did in Breckenridge, number 420. Does that mean Danny has a set number, like Dale Earnhardt rocked number three in Winston Cup? Danny’s second place finish in slopestyle yesterday and second place finish in pipe in Breckenridge means he has the points lead going into the Final Round.

The final round takes place March fourth through seventh up at Northstar at Tahoe. If you want to see the world’s best riders and have some fun, go check it out. Hey, Northstar is close to the Bunny Ranch and Reno, where you can gamble your life savings away. See you up there snowboarding fans.

Men’s Pipe
1. Andy Finch
2. Tommy Czeschin
3. Anti Autti
4. Luke Wynen
5. Chris Nelson
6. Abe Teter
7. Stephen Myers
8. Mason Aguiire
9. Crispin Lipscomb
10. Eric Jackson
11. Tuomo Ojala
12. Guillame Morisset
13. Halvor Lunn
14. Kim Christiansen
15. Scotty Lago
16. Steven Fisher
17. J.J. Thomass
18. Marius Otterstad
19. Peter Scontas
20. Tyler Emond

Women’s Pipe
1. Kelly Clark
2. Hannah Teter
3. Kjersti Oestguaard
4. Tricia Byrnes
5. Dorianne Vidal
6. Elena Height
7. Clair Bidez
8. Fabienne Reutler
9. Lisa Wiik
10. Molly Aguirre