Chulksmack Premieres at Oakley HQ

Day two of “Trade Show Week was spent recovering from the Riders’ Poll at On Broadway, which went off to say the least. But back on the party train, last night was all about the Oakley headquarters (up near Irvine) for the premieres of Mack Dawg’s Chulksmack, and Absinthe Films’ Pop. It all kicked off around seven with the arrival of the In-N-Out truck and the Coors Light. After a few drinks and a few more knucks, the videos kicked off.

It started with a teaser for Dawger’s new moto project, which looked really good. The theater setup was an official, full-on amphitheater with stadium seats and all that. Brad Kremer’s brainchild and first Mack Dawg release, Chulksmack showed at nine; the video was sick, but you knew I would say that. Pop followed at around ten o’clock—the footage of Trice and Romain at Chad’s Gap in Utah was insane for real—even industry cool guys were on their feet.

After the videos had been taken in, more partying ensued as everyone took further advantage of the complimentary beverages, and so on and so forth ’til probably one or two in the morning. Everything went well and everyone had a good time, so big thanks to Oakley for putting it all together, it was a blast. Sometimes it ain’t sooo bad being an intern, I guess.