Chulksmack Giveaway

Remember the premiere of Mack Dawg’s Chulksmack at the Oakley headquarters last October? Well we do … kind of. After that premiere we received a hangover and a sick Chulksmack poster from Oakley framed in metal with Jeremy Jones hammering it on a huge handrailing. Wouldn’t that poster look nice in my room, I thought? But sure enough, we interns always get shut down. Instead we have been scrambling our brains trying to figure out a clever giveaway for this rad/awesome poster.

So we scratched our heads and decided that whoever comes up with the best definition for Chulksmack will win our blessing and this framed poster. The rules of the game include a witty definition and a photo of yourself.

If you win, you’ll get the poster, and we’ll put your picture and definition on the TransWorld snow site. So for everyone who’s searching for their fifteen seconds of fame send us your ideas—the more creative the better.

Email your crazy ideas to us at, put Chulksmack in the subject ite!