Chevrolet Evolution Tour at Windells

Mt. Hood, OR June 22-23, 2005—Who said the Northwest needs a decent snow year to keep the legacy of summer riding alive? So maybe you couldn’t ride all the way to parking lot, but what does it matter when just below the glacial snow field you’ve spent the entire morning riding your heart out at the Windells park and pipe?

The first-ever summer event of the Chevrolet Evolution tour took place at the Windells facilities this week with a slopestyle and halfpipe contest. The slopestyle event took place in a park that is typically built for sessioning one feature at time but the hardworking diggers of Windells spent their day off re-arranging the rails and fine tuning the jumps to create a four-feature, smooth flowing course for contest day. All that preparation was threatened by several fog delays, but patience paid off and the clouds lifted to allow Ian Thorley and Tim Humphreys to fight over the top spots on the podium. Thorley stomped a switch backside rodeo 5 to bring home his second slopestyle gold on the Evolution Tour this season. On the ladies’ side Ellery Hollingsworth claimed top honors.

Perfect pipe, brilliant sunshine, and ripping riders proved why Windells really is “the funnest place on earth on Thursday. The Evolution halfpipe contest found riders from the British national team competing with the crew of U.S halfpipe riders with newly named U.S. Snowboarding team rider Michael Goldschmidt keeping order at the start for the jam session finals. Ellery Hollingsworth was again the woman to beat nailing her backside five-frontside five-backside seven combo to stay on top, beating out the rest of the girls by six points. For the guys Tim Humphreys turned the pipe into a 3 hit masterpiece with his huge inverted frontside seven to straight air to inverted frontside 9 run. Thirteen-year old Matt Ladley busted into the top three with his frontside 7, frontside 9, backside 7 combo.

At the awards ceremony, $1,000 Windells certificates were handed out to Humphreys and Hollingsworth as the overall winners from the two-day contest. Palmer Possee awards were given to Katie Williams and Daniel Buller, and countless others took home great products from Smith, Level Gloves, Windells, Bonfire and U.S. Snowboarding.

Special thanks to all of the supporters of the Chevrolet Evolution Tour including Chevrolet, Windells, Snowboard Magazine, Level Gloves, Smith, Palmer and U.S. Snowboarding.


Slopestyle Men

1. Ian Thorley
2. Tim Humbphreys
3. Jens Peterson

Slopestyle Women

1. Ellery Hollingsworth
2. Hayley Simpson
3. Katie Williams

Halfpipe Men

1. Dom Harrington
2. Tim Humphreys
3. Matthew Ladley

Halfpipe Women

1. Ellery Hollingsworth
2. Julya Chapman
3. Katie Williams