Boyne Mountain/ Nubs Nob, MI. (Mar 6) — In a state where steep and technical isn’t usually in the repertoire of adjectives for the terrain of the central United States, the Boyne Mountain SBX course at the second stop of the Evolution Tour proved why great riders keep appearing from somewhere in middle America.

Frigid temperatures gave way to perfect conditions for the inaugural stop in the Central region of the U.S. The technical top half of the SBX course complete with a step-up jump between two tough banked turns tested rider skills before it was time to put the pedal down and hit the all out straight shot speed fest to the finish. Apparently late night travel is good race day prep as both Paul Henderson and Kim Krahulec took top honors after a last minute trip from Colorado.

The highlight of the four feature slopestyle course was the Red Bull step up rail leaving riders with more than an 8 foot drop to showcase everything from backflips to pretzel 180’s. In a tight men’s field, Ian Thorley walked away with a new title and an invite to the Chevrolet Project Gold Team, while fellow Michigan native, Emily Davenport, dominated the women. Boyne Mountain rounded out the weekend with a rail jam under the lights rewarding Austin Noring and Mackenzie Matters each with $200 courtesy of Level Gloves.

Sunday’s event showcased a brand new superpipe venue up the road at Nubs Nob. In a best of three finals format, an energetic crowd cheered Jeremy Thompson and Eliza Greene on to first place finishes and invites to the Junior World Championships taking place this April in Arosa, SUI.

Chevrolet Evolution Tour
Boyne Mountain,
Men’s SBX

1. Paul Henderson (USA ’69) Murrietta, CA
2. Ethan Peskowitz (USA ’87) Brooklyn, NY
3. Michael Trapp (USA ’88) Hyannis, MA

Women’s SBX
1. Kim Krahulec (USA ’88) Siverthorne, CO
2. Hayley Simpson (USA ’88) Brielle, NJ
3. Mackenzie Matters (USA ’85) Eagan, MN

Men’s Slopestyle
1. Ian Thorley (USA ’86) 38.1 Marquette, MI
2. Tim Humphreys (USA ’87) 36.7 Basking Ridge, NJ
3. Taylor Carlton (USA ’86) 35.1 Cadillac, MI

Women’s Slopestyle
1. Emily Davenport (USA ’89) 24.5 Petoskey, MI
2. Melina Cerra (USA ’91) 20.5 Weston, VT
3. Eliza Greene (USA ’89) 7.8 Chester, VT

Men’s HP
1. Jeremy Thompson (USA ’88) 35.7 Elka Park, NY
2. Nick Russell (USA ’88) 33.1 Wilton, CT
3. Gavin Hill (USA ’88) 25.9 Park City, UT

Women’s HP
1. Eliza Greene (USA ’89) 30.0 Chester, VT
2. Melina Cerra (USA ’91) 27.2 Weston, VT
3. Alli Stuits (USA ’90) 24.2 Petoskey, MI

Rail Jam:
Austin Noring (USA ’86) $200 West Bend, WI (Best Trick $100) Mackenzie Matters (USA ’85) $200 Eagan, MN

2005 Junior World Championships & Project Gold invitations: Eliza Greene & Jeremy Thompson

Project Gold Award:
Ian Thorley & Emily Davenport

Athletes earning invitations to the 2005 Junior World Championships & Project Gold:
Ethan Peskowitz & Kim Krahulec

Palmer Posse snowboard sponsorship: Alli Stuits & Gavin Hill

Complete results available at Next stop: March 11-13 at Jackson Hole, WY. The Evolution Tour is presented by Chevrolet, Level Gloves. Palmer Snowboards, Smith Optics, Windells, and U.S. Snowboarding.