Check Out

Check Out Patrick Moore

Name: Patrick Moore

Age: 16

Hometown: Plymouth, New Hampshire

Local Mountain: Waterville Valley

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 155 lbs.

Stance: Regular. Twenty-three degrees front, negative-eighteen rear, and 24 inches wide.

Hook-ups: Forum, Electric, Grenade, Circa, Red Bull, Waterville Valley, Eastern Boarder, Bosbot, H.C.S.C.


1. Jeff Anderson

2. Lauri Heiksari

3. Shaun White

I’ve been hearing about lil’ Pat Moore for a few years now—and he’s only sixteen. Be on the lookout for Pat in Iron Curtain 3, Video Gangs, and The Gallarie.—Cody Dresser

Incredible isn’t enough to explain Pat Moore’s talent. Everything flows so naturally that the most difficult tricks look simple. This kid is going to carry snowboarding into the next phase. Don’t check out—look out.—Andrew Mutty