Check Out: Spencer O’Brien

Age: 18Hometown: Whistler, B.C., Canada Local Mountain: Whistler/Blackcomb ResortsHeight: 5’8″Weight: 150 poundsStance: Regular. Fifteen degrees front, negative-nine rear, and 23.5 inches wide.

Hook-ups: Burton, Dragon, Lifetime, etnies, Vestal, 133 Boardshop, and IMIResults: Second place, ’06 U.S. Open Slopestyle

Film: Just Like Us/Misschief Films

Influences: 1. Hana Beaman2. JP Solberg3. Cheryl Mass

Damn, girl-23.5, that’s a wide stance!

Ha, ha-I’m a tall girl!

Whistler kills. It must be difficult to leave home.

When the snow is good, it’s so hard to pack up and leave! The weather in Whistler is unpredictable-you have to be there at the right time to get anything done. If you’re traveling lots, you’re going to miss the few token sunny days here.

Much footy from Whistler?

Hardly any-I really wish I had more shots from my backyard. I def’ need to spend more time here next year. We’ve got one of the better parks and some of the best backcountry in the world.

How’s Just Like Us going?

Really good. I’ve seen quite a bit of the footage so far, and I’m real impressed. The girls have definitely stepped it up this year.

I heard you have dope footage. What are your banger shots?

Hah, who’s spreading those rumors? I’ve got a few handrail shots that I’m stoked on-possibly a couple jumps from Miss Superpark.

Get to ride with any of your influences?

Yeah, I rode with Hana Beaman quite a bit this season. It was awesome. She’s a very talented snowboarder and such a cool person-I had a lot of fun with her.

What was it like to podium at the U.S. Open?

Amazing! I just wanted to make the finals, so placing second far exceeded my expectations-the cash money wasn’t bad, either.

Where do you go from here?

I’m focusing on graduating high school at the moment. As for shredding, I really want to learn to ride my sled better and produce a solid movie part. I still want to continue with contests and work toward getting more photos published too, though-so we’ll see.

Any international travel?

No, I’ve never even left North America. I’m hoping to visit Japan or Europe next season-I hear the karaoke in Japan is off the hook!


Of course Spencer has ill frontside threes locked down. The girl’s from Whistler-‘nough said. Photo: Scott Serfas