Check Out: Nate Farrell

The magnitude of talent coming off the East Coast is almost embarrassing for people who grew up riding big mountains out West. Each new season brings another crop of hungry rippers from resorts you’ve never heard of in states like Vermont and New Hampshire. Nate Farrell, is one of these rippers. A member of Stratton Mountain School’s class of 2002 and the Burton rookie army, Farrell ventured out of Southern Vermont this winter to slay pro pipes and big air jumps all over the country. His richter performance at the Grand Prix events made the existing guard wonder why they weren’t better, as well as earning him the honor of forerunning the mens Olympic halfpipe competition in Park City. Nate’s sweet style and mean bag of tricks is sure to make him a major player in years to come.

Age: 17
Years riding: Eight or nine.
Years competing: About four.
Sponsors: Burton, Smith, DVS, Cal’s Pharmacy, Matix, 93/94, and Smooth Skateboards.

How was forerunning the Olympics?
It was so rad. That pipe was perfect: there wasn’t a thing wrong with it. And the crowd was really amazing, too. I’ve never ridden in front of that many people before; it was sick.

Has attending a snowboard academy been pretty important to your riding?
I went to regular high school for my first two years, and if I still went there my riding wouldn’t be where it is right now. I think the biggest benefit of going to SMS is the time I have to ride. You can’t ride for three or four hours a day at normal high school.

Who do you look up to in snowboarding?
Ross Powers is definitely a huge influence. Also, James Beach ’cause he can kill it off anything.

Do you have any goals outside of competition?
I definitely want to do some filming; I’m sure that will start to happen once I get off the East Coast. Next year I plan on going out to Mammoth for at least a month early season, if not the whole winter– but I’m still a bit undecided in that department.