Colleen isn’t good for a girl, she’s good for a snowboarder. She’s an all-terrain vehicle-pipes, powder, rails, jumps, wallrides, quarters, hips-she does it all, and she can get up from a fall and keep cruising. Those qualities and her awesome attitude made Colleen a standout at our 2008 Good Wood board test at Copper Mountain. She spent this past season shacked up with Hana Beaman in Salt Lake City fine-tuning her skills. Hana has this to say, “Colleen makes whatever she does look effortless, she’s one of the most stylish snowboarders out there-especially for a ginger.” Colleen’s coming in hot and shows no signs of slowing, keep your eyes peeled. -Evan LeFebvre

Name: Colleen Quigley

Birth Date: 11/13/1984.

Home: Groton, Massachusetts.

Sponsors: 686, Nikita, Eastern Boarder, Ass-Industries, Waterville, Grenade.

Results: 25-time reigning Last Call champion of the world.

Film: N/A.

Who are your biggest influences?
1. My family.
2. The Eastern Boarder crew.
3. Jamie MacLeod, Hana Beaman, Tara Dakides, Janna Meyen.

What do you want to get out of snowboarding?
As much fun as possible and a lot of nice friends!

What’s your favorite video part?
That’s a really tough one. Jamie Lynn’s and Guch’s parts in The Garden are always awesome to watch.

What’s the worst trend in snowboarding?
Jerseys and tall tees.

What’s one thing we don’t know about you?
I love wearing wigs, and lately I’ve been going out a lot in this nice curly blond one I have.

What are three things you want to do before you die?
1. Go to Japan.
2. Go to law school.
3. Get lots of tattoos.

What’s the sketchiest thing you have ever done on a chair lift?
I am afraid of heights, so mostly I just hold on really tight.

What’s one trick you wish you could do?
Probably a wildcat, they look like so much fun.

What’s one trick people should stop doing?
Back-to-back tens